Fun Run Sponsor T-Shirt Sponsor

We’re so excited to host a Fun Run (powered by Boosterthon) to help our school! Boosterthon is a fun, nine-day program that combines world-class character content with a highly-profitable fundraiser.
To increase the excitement and school spirit of this event, we’re hoping to provide each student with a FREE custom Friedberg Elementary t-shirt to wear the day of the Fun Run event, at no cost to the student or school.
In order to make this happen, we need your help! We’re hoping to partner with local businesses to help sponsor these shirts. If you know of or are affiliated with a business that would be interested in sponsoring shirts for our students, please send them the following link. Their name or logo will be displayed on the sleeve or back of a shirt that will be worn by every student in the school. Not only will their investment be helpful to Friedberg, but we believe it will raise awareness for the sponsor and provide more business for them.
Thanks so much for your help in strengthening our school!